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Happy New Year. We’re well into it now and resolutions should be well and truly broken… I know mine is but I’ll persevere. My sister found me this beautiful cup and saucer at Teaopia (where I’ve drunk a few Rooibos latte’s), it’s made to hold both the beverage and a sweetmeat….. there goes my effort to give up sugar! She know I like to take tea and a bicky up to my studio.
Polymer clay weaving!
Just a couple of weekends ago I had a Button Making Workshop with the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners. Their home is currently in the Portsmouth Town Hall, a lovely old limestone building just two blocks from my studio so no gas expense there. We looked through the books I took over and found some instructions for weaving strips of clay so here is my effort. It might make a nice large pin, maybe a shawl pin.  The close proximity worked well when we were discussing purchasing a pasta maker or some clay and catching Michaels’ sales, or using the coupon in the flyer. Not everyone gets the flyer so I popped home and printed some off on the computer!
In a visit to the Spinners and Weaver’s sale in the Fall I saw some beautiful hand spun yarn that I reeeeally wanted. Missed it at the sale but managed to get hold of Beth Fisher who spun it. The photographs really don’t do the colours justice, it’s yummy!!! I love the little wound squiggles all the way through. I’ll save it to work into a wet felted collar….
So much yarn and so many things I want to knit (… and I need to make stock) … but it’s back to the paperwork!!!!
          Oh, and the DVD. I’m working on a DVD of how to work my buttonholes and facings. It’ll be ready for sale at the Spring seminars I’m at:
Mounds View, Minnesota   –    April 23 – 24  2010
Hamilton, Ontario    –    April 30 – May 1  2010

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