Knitters Jamboree & Mother’s Day!

Well, drove three hours to get to the Knitter’s Jamboree in Mississauga …. all the machine knitting vendors (and more) in one place for a day.

When your sewing machine breaks down or you need some bits you head to your local sewing machine seller. With knitting machines it’s usually time spent on the internet to see who is stocking new or used parts and equipment, investing in shipping fees and hoping what you purchased arrives in one piece (after the shipping company has tossed it off a tall building before loading in onto the truck…. just to test the seller’s packing skills!!) Well, that’s if the part or machinery still exists on the planet.

I found that the multi prong transfer comb I wanted, as I use mine every day, is extinct, so getting a spare is out of the question so I had better not step on mine while rushing to grab the phone, or sit on it when I get back to knitting… aaarrrrgh! Other than that I had a wonderful time surrounded by Machine Knitting books, magazines, manuals, yarn, tools, knitting, the fashion show and mad knitters. I met up with my friend and co conspirator Sonja and accompanied her to her car with her first load of shopping!! I bought books that I have to include in my library in my studio, very helpful on those days when creativity dries up and you have to sit on the floor surrounded by books and mags trying to jump start it.

I tore myself away to spend the rest of the afternoon with my step daughter Alana looking for ribbon at Mokuba on funky Queen West in Toronto, then off to the Distillery District
for coffee and to take in some art. Part of the art was the scenery, a wedding party trying to dodge the rain drops and take advantage of the occasional sunshine while taking photos in that wonderful setting. The colours chosen by this bride were wonderful, lime green (chartreusey)trumpet skirted, strapless dresses and all carying boquet’s of roses in cream, laventer and rose. (And I had to leave my camera in the car.. rats!) Then taking in the Sandra Ainsly gallery (Glass) and the Joan Fontcuberta called ‘Googlegrams’ using Google Search and thoushands of tiny found pics used as mosaic.

Well, now no lack of creative inspiration so I droped my girl off home and before shutting the car door she wished me…..

…. Happy Mother’s Day.

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