Knit 1 Weekend Part 2

Terenya & Foamy

I did take more photos on our Knit 1 weekend, January 8th, so here are some more. Above is a snap of Terenya with my foam dress form over in the lovely ‘coffee corner’, can you imagine your own little ‘fridge and coffee maker in your studio…. I have to go downstairs, jump over the snow on my doorstep to get to my kitchen. Terenya’s studio is three flights up so we got our excercise going down for more coffee pods!
There’s a wonderful ‘corset’ knit in one of the workbooks and so we experimented with one of the panels, some day I’d like to make the whole thing. It’s worked in panels and sections and ‘cups’ over the bust. Unfortunately, there isn’t a photo of the back, I’m so visual with my learning but I’m sure I could follow. Also, by the time I worked the front the back should be a breeze (you think?).

There’s also many pages starting with a ‘sock heel’ for working on shaped insets, adding and subtracting stitches in the middle of a piece.

First I just left it the way it was then I folded it flat and pressed it. I think this would be fun as an accent in a garment…..around a collar, cuff or on a kid’s sweater. There are many other incarnations to think of….hmmmm.

 Sonja also worked on some ‘holes’ and thought if you made long vertical pieces then tucked them down and through holes below an interesting effect would be attained. You could always thread knitted coloured tapes through as accent, to draw it in as in a wrist or waist.
Here is my foamy dressed to the nines in all of our samples, I didn’t realize we had done so much in a da and a half….between eating, walking in the snow, brewing great coffee, exploring Niagara on the Lake’s downtown….                                                                                                         Gosh we were busy as we had our long quiet times each totally focused on what we were experimenting with then being able to share it with friends right away. Great for me as I always knit and work alone!

Here’s the gang taking a break to walk through the cemetery of the church near T’s house, beautiful after the snow dump earlier that day.

 Horse drawn carriages around town, even past T’s house.

The things you see in store windows!!!

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