Syracuse Workshop Weekend

 Well, Beth Caulfield and I decided to do the Syracuse weekend workshop on the first weekend of January…..I was so glad…do you remember the second weekend?! I’m sure that lake had it’s effect. However the first weekend was beautifully mild, dry and sunny, wonderful for a drive south.

An engaged group.

Beth owns Sheep Thrills in Syracuse, a wonderful yarn shop with great knitters in there all the time it seems. She booked a room at the local library and a bunch of us had a great and creative day…I even made buttons myself!

These Great buttons were made by a total newbie who really got into it, I love them. She played with both marbling the polymer clay and making a ‘snake’ or cord to decorate the edges.
Super Buttons!

The buttons above green and purple buttons were made to go with this yarn, I’m not sure what the project is, but the match and complementing is really good, they’ll soooo complete a cardigan if that’s what it’s going to be.
Sue’s Buttons?
I think these taupe & blue buttons were for a poncho…..I’m amazed that I got out my camera to take any photos…let alone remember any details from such a busy and full day! 

Anyway, the girls were great and after staring at their blocks of clay and tools for a few minutes…. really got into releasing their ‘inner child’.

On another topic, I’m going for my second Nuno felted garment. After a couple of years wet felting collars for my jackets I decided to go for the whole garment incorporating fabric: Nuno felting.

However, dying is not something I’ve done much of before so I started with my length of prefelt I got from Wabi Sabi in Ottawa. It was an acid dye but I couldn’t get any depth of colour. This was supposed to be RED!!! but came out pink. I think I put too much water in my pot.

I over dyed it with a Dylon blue which had a much better effect!…photo to come….

Tomorrow I will head over to my friend Sylvia Naylor’s house…she does hand dying and has more ‘mess’ room in her basement than I do, to make my felted jacket…or whatever it turns out to be!

Winter is such a good time to work on your own projects and experiment….I think it’s too short!  After years of working on my computer and migrating old stuff into each new computer I ran into some problems. I ended up doing an Erase of my laptop and have been steadily putting the software back in…NOT from my external hard drive as that only puts the problems back in! But file by file. So I am rebuilding my web site….yeah! I just love spending time on the computer and being creative there.

More on the jacket….as it comes together.


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