Further to Day One.

Ok, so now I have a photo. It’s me in my booth just as opening night is getting rolling. I think I have my act together! My other half is nowhere to be found at this point (I use a tripod & 10 second delay to take the pic) but it’s nice and quiet… before the booze hits the punters…. sorry… before the guests have had their first glass of wine.

… Then.. I spy him, coming down a nearby aisle with no less than two martini glasses in his hands. They’re the libation du jour: Sreetinis… the other one with pommegranate I find out later is a Shopaholic. Well, I loooove my Spreetini and the evening goes OK.. not gangbusters but OK.

I sadly found out that the old shoes I love and dyed black strank!! Now my feet are killing me!!!

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