A ‘Novel’ Idea.

Yes, I know, sad title for this post really but applicable. Actually got out of the studio Saturday evening and went to a book launch to support our neighbour David More who has just finished his first novel ‘The Eastern Door’.

After wine and nibbles, catching up with some old friends and much book signing, Dave gave a lovely speech and then gave us three readings, including a passage from a future book. This is a book about the early days of Northern New York State (well, 1700’s) and our protagonist is an idealisitc young man from Ireland who comes to this neck of the woods after some conflict in the old country.

I’m looking forward to digging into this, perhaps over the winter when my work load eases some and I can keep my eyes open when not knitting or doing a show. It promises
‘history, military strategies and romance’ and has it’s roots in the history of that time and place.

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Dave, as another artisan toiling away behind clapboard and/or limestone walls.

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