Random Act of Kindness!

Well, I know it was planned, Brianne told me so, but it was so significant! Brianne Begani is in sales at the One of a Kind Chicago Show which happens in December and is one of the key contact person at the show.

Anyway, Friday…. I’m mired in work, it’s been a funny year. I’ve missed the mark on one or two (or so) fits and though the garments have been carefully worked on and are perfect in every other way I have to alter or remake. Other stuff which made taking any time off over the Summer impossible and now I’m full tilt into fall and the lead up to the three shows left and to get the best return from them to get me through the Winter… and we’ve had a new roof put on the house I really feel like a starving artist….. Brianne calls.

I won’t go into details but I never forget the kindnesses shown me by the folks at this US version of the long lived Canadian show and this day, especially Brianne to whom I’m old enough to be a Mother. We had a great chat, she listened to what I had to say and a few of my gripes and a giggle or two (I think I was laughing at my frailties) but when we hung up I realized I’ve never received a call like that from the Canadian show and the closest I got to personal attention was from long gone Marty who, for his faults, was a people person. I felt important, I felt I mattered which is good for someone who works alone all the time and can get a little too turned inward.

This was a courtesy call which means she’ll be on the phone for days (I’m in the B’s). All I can say is a hearty Thank You Brianne!!!

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