Four Days and Counting…

My first post… hmmm. It’s four days and counting to the drive to Toronto to set up my booth for the One of a Kind Show Spring 2006 and it’s the frantic time. I had soooo many plans for over the Winter, give a one day seminar on the software I use to create the patterns for my knitting, complete all my Winter orders from my clients, hey, maybe even learn to use the Passap I got and had reconditioned about two or maybe three years ago! This was not to be.

Many people complain about how long Winter is and they don’t know how they’ll get through it, I have so much lined up plus trying to have a life that I never get a chance to get bored, I often relish a heavy snowfall as a way of getting in a workout and getting outside and having some fun with our cat (he’s the one without the grin) yet still getting a chore done. Then I feel better about spending the rest of the day in my studio with only the View and General Hospital for company.

This is a frantic time as forms have had to be filled out and faxed back for parking passes, booth electrics, insurance for the duration of the show. Now I can’t remember if I have to order the cross bar for the front of my booth so we can support the beam with my lights on. Then I’ve been working on submitting some new images for my website and sending them on to my web master, that means some time spent in Photoshop Elements. I still need to draw some new images for my handout brochure and for my shows list hand out, also I had planned and even started a slide show in Keynote, that was fun to work on….. but hmmm did I tell you…

….. I’m a knitter!

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