My Third Shawl Done.

I have started this new year off in the grip of a burning desire to hand knit. I still machine knit every day as I have work piled up to get done for my clients but I love the hand knit look and some of the styles that are out to knit.

I buy hand knitting mags with a view to knit up a couple of the designs in them but for the past couple of years I just couldn’t wrap my head, heart hands around it and get started but now it’s kicked in!

This has happened before and I just ride it out… it’ll come back, I know now. In the interim I knit socks…. they are my ‘chewing gum’ for my hands.

These two pics I took in my studio (with my new camera that my other half gave me for Christmas). It’s great, it’s a Samsung Digimax i5 and is small enough to carry in my bag all the time, along with my note/sketch book from my friend Margi Laurin and her ‘Altered Books’. I decided that it’s OK to carry around a bunch of stuff all the time and now don’t feel guilty. If I’m inspired I’ve got my ‘studio in my purse’ thing that I can dive into! Anyway I’m still learning all the things this little beasty will do and I played with the white balance when I took these.

Back to the subject, this is the third shawl I’ve knit from one of the Noro pattern books. I use various Noro yarns… whatever I can find, going for colour first. Then I hunt for a yarn to use for the ruffle, so far I’ve always found silk/wool combos in some shade of chartreuse. It’s a quick knit and such a handy addition to the wardrobe. I wear it indoors and out, day or night, lightly draped with a sweater pin as decoration or wound up around my ears over my coat walking to the car park at the Chicago show last month when it was amazingly cold.

Have a couple of cardigans I want to knit and, of course, something for the camera giver.

Well, I take a page out of my friend Gwendolyn’s blog and look on the bright shiny new year with positive intentions and a happy outlook to the future.. it’s gonna come whether we want it to or not ….. so why not want it!

Happy New Year!

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