Quiet Time and Inspiration.

I’ve needed to post for days, I got this lovely little camera for Christmas (previous post) and I carry it with me all the time and take pictures when the fancy takes me. The pictures here were taken weeks apart but in the same spirit… I was in a place of peace and quiet.

The red hand knitting is the jacket I’m working on from the Knit Cafe on Queen in Toronto. The colour is strong but not orangey as it has reddish rose in it… slightly varigated. I was knitting in bed on a Sunday morning, hence the newspaper and the TV remote. We tend to watch Sunday Morning for their wonderful and interesting stories so I can get a bunch of knitting done with the TV, the Saturay and Sunday papers (I only read the A&E and the Shopping section of the Star!!!) and a cup of tea. If it’s sunny the sun streams in through the window.

Then other picture (sorry it came out sideways) was taken today in Chapters where I was taking a break from an order I’m working on that has presented me with some sizing problems. I used my Starbucks card received as part of our package at the Toronto Outdoor show last Summer to get a tall latte into which I sprinkle chocolate to make it a mocha – sorta. I had gone through the magazines and picked up a new Mac mag and looked to see if anyone in Kingston has seen fit to start getting Fibre Arts mag again…. (they decided to not bring it into Kingston anymore and I live for the Wearables issues).

Well, I’ll put my little camera away…. until tomorrow!

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