Last Show of the Season

My display of scarves and wraps.

Well, it’s over, the last show that I’m doing this Christmas/Fall//Holiday season, The Gift Giving Show at Fort Henry here in Kingston. What a great venue for a craft and art show and sale! The barracks rooms which held three artisans each, we had lots of room to set up and spread out, the lower fort had the artisans spread out through the joined rooms that were once occupied by German prisoners of war. We had whitewashed brick and stone walls to work with and wooden floors. There are lots of black painted tables and ‘ammunition boxes’ with rope handles to work with for display, they are usually used through the Summer when they rooms are barracks for the Fort Henry Guard.   

The show doubled this year in the number of artisans and also seemed to double in attendance. It is only $5 to enter as opposed to the Summer when the Fort is in full swing and costs three times this amount plus parking. At this time of year you can park within the fort.

Strip Scarf
Well, I do have a selection of scarves, some of which sold and some of which I will be uploading to my etsy shop when I’ve finished catching up on my the email and  clients since I haven’t been near my computer for three days!

My friend Georgia from Artemisia Art Gallery in Westport ON said that not everyone is as big as me (I’m tall, G is vertically challenged!) and I should downsize my SweaterWraps… so now I have NeckWraps, shorter and narrower. I’ve sold most of what I’ve knit recently both at the show and on Etsy so I had better get busy and run up a few more, between custom orders that I have to get done before Christmas!
 Eileen Montgomery’s Garter Carriage class at Cardiknits last month.  Sonja and me.
 One of the things I want to sort out is my Garter Carriage, I got my magnets from Strickmachinen in Germany to allow it to work on an electronic Brother knitting machine, and it was going like the clappers last week when I fitted them on….. then she stopped….. just stopped. All I could get was one ‘chug’ each time I pressed the green ‘go’ button. Eileen recommended slowing down the speed, that helped but I had to stand over the machine. Of course, Eileen might be right and that the machine knew I wanted to get something made for the weekend and decided to be temperamental and will work later today now that the show is over!  ….. I’ll let you know! Mary… I need you!!!
Well, I’m off to the studio, if only to put everything back after the show….

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