Chicago Quickie

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Mary & Me at ‘the Bean’ in Millennium Park.
Well, I just had a great weekend in Chicago and I was treated royally. I have known Mary Slattery of the Interknits group in Chicago for a few years at Bonnie Triola seminars in Erie PA and then at Inspiration in Cleveland and she vowed to get me to Chicago to meet the group.
In the emails and phone calls leading up to my trip Mary arranged to take me to the Art Institute where I had not been in the years I was there doing the One of a Kind Show Chicago. (The visits were always arranged too early in the morning for someone who needs her rest and is a night person anyway). Wow! What a lovely afternoon we had, including lunch at the Institute.  The day was the only fair weather day so when we were done there Mary walked me to Millennium Park where we explored the Bean, or Cloud Gate as it’s really called, taking lots of pics of our reflections.
Snakey Scarf
This is one of my Snakey Scarves that I took to show colour and perhaps as an inspiration for some Chrissy prezzies. It’s not an original idea but I just ran away with the colour and added a bead or two.
 Pics taken after a day teaching, this is my ‘oh, how hard it is to knit with a GC!’

These are  couple of silly pics of me learning the Garter Carriage in Pam’s house after my workshop day. Goofing around as the beast does it’s thing. I got so excited and last Saturday took a one day workshop from Eileen Montgomery on mastering my garter carriage.  On my return home I found that I have a GC for a punch card machine but an electronic Brother 930. I would need two little magnets to make it work on the electronic. They almost don’t exist but I emailed Germany’s Strickmachinen and got an immediate reply and PayPal invoice saying if I wanted just pay and they would wing their way to me….can’t wait! Designs floating around in my head, but I’ll start with some scarvey things for the Holiday Shopping season.

Pam Huang my delightful hostess.
Mary and I stayed at Pam Huang’s house as Mary’s house is busy being reno’d, our first night we didn’t go to bed until after 2am (that’s 3am my time), just talking and surfing about knitting and such. I loved being with these two women for the weekend as I am usually alone with my knitter friends on the other end of the ‘phone or email.
I’ll post again later, must get off to the machine to work on a custom order that must get to my client.

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  1. OOh … am soooo bummed that I did not know you were in Chicago. I would have run over to the bean and given you a huh! Truly miss seeing you at the One of a Kind shows .. but hope life is treating you well. You look wonderful. Hope our paths will cross one of these days.


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