Art After Dark and Other Discoveries.

Two of my three exhibit items.

Thursday evening … downtown Kingston, Ontario …. damp, warm and raining …. buy Kingston Glass Gallery and Studio is hopping! The second ‘Art After Dark’ gallery tour is well under way and I’m exhibiting three items among the work of wonderful colleagues. Laura Donefer’s glass, her mother Vera’s paintings, jewelry by Maggie Axford, pottery by Jane Thelwell and other artwork all along with the gallery owner’s work, Mariel and Alexi at the Glass Gallery. The food was catered by Chien Noir restaurant and there was, of course, wine and the speciality of the Mariel and Alexi and Cheryl’s gallery…. the Chocolate Fountain!!! Of course, greedy guts here dripped choc all down her nice white front!!! The big thrill was when I popped in today to take a photo of my little display and found a piece missing!!!! SOLD! How exciting. This is me today when I dashed in and Alexi took this pic.

Apple blossoms outside my studio.

While slaving away in my studio, catching up on sweater orders, making buttons, trying to keep the studio tidy, pay bills, keep paperwork straight and… and …. and… I spied apple blossoms outside my rear studio window. The tree has been there for as long as I have been in this house and in this studio (14 years) but I don’t remember it blossoming like this. Yes that’s my original machine there… the HK 100 that I got in 1983. Rather like the peony we have in a back corner of the garden behind the house where we rarely go (well we walk past it on the way to the composter), it now blooms beautifully though nothing for the first few years we were here.

Yes, we came back to baby robins again in their usual place outside our bedroom balcony door. The nest is on top of the screen door which is bifolded up for the Winter. I just caught them before the fledged, it’s a wonder there was any breathing room left with these overgrown chicks. Next year I really have to find a child to give the nest to for ‘show and tell’!

This just in: my friend Lindsey says her little boy would love to take the nest to school… so I know it’s now going to a good home (well at least for a while!)

On a recent jaunt to Picton on business I chanced into the new big book shop with attached coffee shop in for a latte and ….. creativity abounds in the county….

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  1. So exciting about the sale!

    James would love to be the child for the nest – he collects outdoor things – has a snake skin, a turtle shell and goose egg. A nest would be a cool addition.

  2. hi Carolyn,
    Yes, wasn't art after dark fun? We had a great turnout at Frameworks, despite the weather. Congrats on the sale!

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