Well, the Up the Garden Path studio and garden tour is over, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time parked on my friend Margot’s front lawn. This weekend the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny unlike the rainy weekend we had for the Victoria Day weekend. That weekend I was hanging up my sweaters with frozen fingers, this weekend I did it in a tank top!

On the Friday between the two tour weekend we had the Grand Tour where most of the artisans went around in our cars visiting the different locations. I shot the first movie at a wonderful garden, the movie doesn’t do it justice, we just wallowed in colour, flowers, blossoms.

The next clip was taken at Ballycanoe Co. where John Sorensen and Penny Gorman ply their trade in vintage and 19th century salvage. Beautiful found objects, some of which Penny turns into objets d’art. You know when you see an old building being torn down and along with the dust and old lead pipes goes the gingerbread, the wonderful pillars from the front porch, the wrought iron gate and fence? Well John grabs them and makes them available to those of us who want to put them on our houses or in our gardens.

The good weather gave Margot and me a chance to photograph some of our newest work in nice light against the backdrop of her ‘Summerhouse’ between visitors and shoppers.

Well, now back to a dreary day, tons of work and hours in the studio filling orders and making new work for the next show which is Fanfayr in Kingston.

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