Workshop Results

I recently had a workshop on Cochenille’s Garment Designer pattern making software and one of the attendees, Marthe, was French, (she drove all the way from the other side of Ottawa so she came a long way), and had a little trouble with what I was telling everyone. (June 12th’s Blog: Garement Designer Workshop North).

Translating into English sometimes was a bit tricky and we all got into the act. Aferwards I invited everyone to email me if they had anymore questions or got stuck and Marthe emailed me a few times and also Cochenille. Then she decided to just take a break and come back to it after her family had spent time visiting. I wished her well.

Yesterday… I got a lovely email with a photo of her endeavour on Garment Designer…. an absolutely beautiful baby jacket in an interesting tuck stitch. In the larger pic I have I can see how wonderfully well it is knit, I’m so pleased withg Marthe’s results.

Go Marthe!!!!

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