Three Days and Counting….

Hooray!! Off on vacation soon, rest my aching joints from so much machine knitting over the past few months with shows in the offing but now are over.

Cape Hattaras National Seashore is a special place, when you look on a map of North Carolina it’s way out into the Atlantic ocean. Off season there are no fancy places to spend all your money but all the windsurfers hang there and it’s way fun.

Sharing a house with others is a great social week and you get to taste other’s different cooking when we gather for our evening meal.

I’m hoping the bead store/internet cafe is open at this time of year so while my other half is blowing his brains out on the Pamlico sound on a board I can while away the hours mindlessly beading…. I get to do very little stuff mindlessly in my daily studio life and beading is physically stress free on my shoulders and other joints battered from going back and forth on my machines.

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