Getting Warmer

Soon we will no longer need these….. hand knitted socks, however I will still keep knitting them as I knit socks the way other folk (well some) smoke….except I don’t stand around in doorways knitting socks.

There is a zen to knitting and it can be very calming, it’s a shame we can’t knit on airplanes anymore as there’s a place we need to be calmed. In the mad push to get everything ready for the show I sometimes take a break after dinner, pick up a sock-in-progress and take in some ‘Deal or No Deal’ and watch over excited adults ask their children for advice then turn down thousands of dollars just to open the next case and go home with five bucks!!! Need the calm of my socks then.

These particular socks were knit for my niece’s 18th birthday and have her initials on them so I did them on the machine.

A few years ago I used to have a basket of socks for sale in my booth and sold all I could knit, one yong woman bought some for her father as he loved hand knit socks. A couple of years later she came up to me at a fair to tell me her dear Dad had passed away and they had buried him in my socks as they had become his favourite!!! I was incredibly touched and have treasured that story.

Keep wiggling those toes.

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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for giving me the blog info, I am working my way around it trying to figure it out. Yes, it’s much like a ‘water cooler’.
    Thanks for the ‘painters letter’ that you emailed me about, I actually do allready receive that twice weekely in my email inbox.
    Good luck in TO, at OneOfAKind!

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