My Little Ladies

I just wrote all this, clicked something WRONG and have to write it all over again…sheesh.

Well, this is about my day off after the semimar. My other half had spied a yard sale headed ‘Seamstress Quits’ in the paper and was then heading downtown to the Sunday Antique Market.

At the former I found ‘Mabel’ a well used sponge dress form (great for pinning) and decided she needed a second career. The seastress in question turned out to be an old family friend so it was meant to be.

The latter found me glomming on to two tiny mannequins which (I’m sure) had my name on them. Cash poor from the trip and Mabel, husband chipped in and they are now mine.

I guess I’ll have to name them…hmmmm…Judi & Punch! Jill & Jill?

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