Busman’s (knitter’s) Holiday

That usually means going away and doing just what you do in your everyday life….well I sort of just did just that this past weekend but as my shows are over for the Summer it was different! I stood in for a friend.

Friday afternoon was spent in a show tent in a park, something I had done two weekends in a row earlier this month, but it’s so different when it’s someone else’s artwork, there’s a certain freedom when it’s a different medium and totally different work. My friend Susan Watson Ellis of Paradigm Designs was teaching in Haliburton but had the local Summer show, I manned her booth while she was unavailable and thoroughly enjoyed looking at and talking about jewellery with it’s silver and unusual stones…(the gold was left safely in the studio). The responsibility for selling is the same, especially as we both work in ‘adornment’, but I didn’t have to ‘take home’ the ups and downs of the day as I do with my own work, hence I think I might have had a lighter spirit during my ‘gig’.

The setting was beautiful, a stream with willows and other trees as a backdrop behind the tent. Except for some of the artisans I knew none of the people who came by so lots of new faces and new surroundings.

Before heading to the park to open up the booth we were shown around the sculpture garden (a wooded walk) at Flemming College by Susan’s husband Jeff, himself a silversmith. The pic shown here is Jeff, my other half, Clint, and me standing with a moose of all sorts of metal bits. (I’m not describing this well not being a metal sculptor). I’m always amazed at other artists’ work.

We got to explore Haliburton for the first time, the village and it’s food!!!

Especially the buttertarts!!!!

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