Show Surge Over… again…

It’s been a long time since my last post…. too long. Show time again is the cause of that. Yes, That’s me in my booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition last weekend. Another hot weekend though not quite as bad as last year when it seemed to be 100 degrees in the shade and there was preciouse little of that.

We had to compete with the usual Yonge Street fair and the races (what used to be the Molson Indy) but this year was the most beautiful game in the world….soccer. Lots of Italian fans in TO meant they were probably in the bars and not looking at artwork…. There’s always something but sometimes the planets align and a show is incredible. Anyway, I had emailed clients and a lot of folk showed up Friday and I got to see people I hadn’t seen in ages.

The weekend before was Fanfayr in Kington, ON. The powers that be have decreed that there are so many people in the one lakeside park downtown for the 15 minutes of fireworks on Canada Day night that all we hard working artisans have to pack up our tents and get out!!! Forget that Sunday might be a great day for us to add to our income and that there is probably a bunch of folk showing up and wondering where we were (I’ve spoken to some)…. ’cause all craft shows go both Saturday and Sunday, eh? Not Kingston. Now they want to move us out of the park completley… where the show has run for 24 years!

Now I’m just exhausted from the workload of orders from the Spring shows…which I’m still working on, the prep for the two shows back to back and trying to keep my ladies happy… not always easy when you’re the chief cook and bottle washer!!!

I think, on my other half’s advice, it’s a break at the beach tomorrow…aaaaaah!

Now I’m just exhausted

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