Sad Note….

I got an email the other day from a client who is a very sweet woman, we came to know each other a bit better over some trials and tibulations with her order and fitting. The last time I saw her we had a lovely chat and she told me she wouldn’t be ordering somthing she had her eye on as she was devoting time to her ailing husband…. the email was to let me know he had passed away….

I was unbelievably saddened by he news as I thought he might live longer, I responded as best I could to express my sympathy.

A few years ago I did work for the Stratford Festival using sock yarn, then I used up the left overs making funky socks to sell in my booth (the only hand knit work I ever sell). At a Summe show a young woman came up to me to remind me that she had bought a pair for her Dad… I did remember. She told me that he had passed away and was buried in those socks as they were his favourite!!! I was blown away and flattered too.

I often think that what I do, creating lovely cardigans and knits for mostly women, is superficial but I’m told by my ladies that my work is fun and happy. Then I get this sort of news and realize that what I do does affect people positively, and I’m glad I can help in any way….even if it’s only to spread some colour in the world and do it with joy.

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