Day One at One of a Kind Chicago

Well, first, I have not photo to post… well I do but it’s still in the camera along with pics of the booth and some photos of clients which I took for their files.

For five years, I’ve been showing up on the morning of the first day and setting up before they boot us out at noon. So much is supplied (carpet, lights, hard walls painted your colour selection) that it’s not such a big deal. This year, however, wanting to arrive earlier at our friends’ house and spend more time we tore through Michigan and got to the Mart at oneish, off loaded my forms and stuff and after parking the van in our fave cheap lot a couple of blocks across the river, arrived at the booth.

Nice colour that tealy blue, I thought ……. but I always have my booth white! Now, I subscribe to the ‘if you don’t submit a colour pref it’ll get painted white anyway school of selection but this year that didn’t work. I’m 5129 and next to me is 5129A, apparently the painters got mixed up and ‘A’ got my white walls. Brianne walked by got on the cell phone and before too long a couple of blokes with rollers on long poles had my booth white again (two coats) and ‘A’ was their requested blue!!! Of course that has left us with less square footage (two coats of that stuff is thick!) just kidding … it’s great.

Well, I’ll get a photo soon and remember: Wherever you go…. there you are.

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