Life ‘March’s’ On…

Well, there’s another workshop done, and a lot of fun it was too. Two of the participants had been here before but the third who had not is a seasoned knitter and did a great job. The technicality wasn’t the problem there but creating a garment that would fit and suit her. With the help of Garment Designer created a longer jacket (buttonless) with 3/4 sleeve in black with dark blue accents, she got far enough form me to link on the sleeves She did the collar with the aid of the garter bar, needed to take the collar off while you hang the garment neck edge,
and in doing so got over her garmentbarphobia! One thing that helped with that was my finding and copying my garter bar instructions as she didn’t get any with hers.

One of the participants was my very creative hand knitter friend Sonja, here is a photo of her in one of her wonderful hats, this is sort of to go with the jacket she knit in last year’s workshop….yet to be completed….

It’s knit then she felts it and molds it into it’s different shape.

When not knitting with wool she’s been knitting with wire! Here is another of her little garments, a beautiful evening jacket done in black wire with black beads to accent it. This would look stunning life sized!!!! I know there is a fabric with metal in the threads. Is there a like yarn with some sort of metal in the strands so that it might be shaped!

There was a recent article in Knitwords machine knitting magazine showing how to use Polymer Clay to make handles on tools, mostly latch tools using broken needles from your machine…. here’s mine..

It’s my second one, I had made one ages ago and used it in a Cardiknits class and unfortunately…. it, ahem, disappeared! This one has my name and date engraved in it.

At last I got wedding photos from my lovely young friend Shawna, here she is in her knit wedding dress, in the snow. She carried Cala lilies and daisies tied with ribbon. She looked beautiful.

I had got her a couple of wedding magazines, useful ones like Martha Stuart, early on and one of the ideas out of them was this delightful use of tea lights and Mason jars. Shawna got hold of a bunch of them, tied ribbon around the neck, filled them with snow and lit the tea light inside. These were ‘planted’ along the ‘aisle’.

Well on the health side, I finally got my appointment with my surgeon to discuss my mastectomy, then next week, when I have my 11th out of 17 Herceptin treatments I have my three month follow up with my oncologist and the nurse last time mentioned taking blood to test for markers, I guess to see where the chemo took me….. Nervous to say the least!

Oh well, tempus fugit!

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