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Oh, busy, busy, and so is Roxana. I love this vest and one like it that I sent to her at her shop L’ARTellier du Village in Pointe-Claire in Montreal sold on the snowiest day last weekend!
Roxana is such a busy woman, running this fun ‘fashion and art and lots of other things’ shop for 10 years. I love looking at her posts on Facebook too (look for the shop there too) as she posts lots of photos of her stock…you almost get to shop before venturing out to try things on there.
Tomorrow I get to have lunch with my team mate and Veep, Michele, to write on another site: Kingston Arts & Letters Club where we had a lovely holiday ‘do’ last week. We even had live music provided by my lovely husband and a few of his mates. We usually have a couple of speakers on various topics concerning different aspects of the arts but this was music, food, conversation and good cheer!
Just a few more shopping/knitting days before Christmas….so I had better get back to my machine!

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