A Snowy MK Club afternoon.

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Well, mild but blustery, I  made it over to Karen’s yesterday and we spent nearly three hours together. We had planned to meet at another member’s house out in the country but the snow and wind were so bad no one dared take a car out on that road…so we decided on meeting in town at Karen’s house.

When I arrived Karen announced she had problems which needed solving so we got right to it. First a commercial sweater which needed remodelling…we solved that. The question was whether to pull apart the part that needed remodelling (a hood into a collar)….we decided cut and sew was best. Karen will get to that another time.

Then a pocket design. When I dropped in last Karen had sweater borrowed to look at and make a pattern. That afternoon we made a pattern using Garment Designer.  As the jacket had pockets we had to think about how that would work…I left Karen with that problem, so when I got there yesterday she’d worked through but had run into a problem…she had done a right and a left but they didn’t look like mirror images of each other.

I didn’t take pics of the first effort but I said we needed to sit in front of the machine and ‘just do it’. I had in my head how this would work from our conversations over the last two visits…I just needed to execute it.

Here’s the back swatches (no we didn’t press them) with a pseudo ‘pocket’ worked into the back of the left one. It was a matter of planning….how many stitches away from the side seam, how long the slanted slit need to be to get a hand in and look nice and in proportion. 

Here’s the ‘right’ side with the pocket slit shut (I had to be oh so careful typing that!) so we could see where and how we’d work a band or welt. Karen needs to work a ribbed welt…I might do a band…knowing me…a different colour!

Now I have to work up a hand out for teaching this so it’s easily understood…as it was easy. The problem was working left and right, Karen’s left handed and the left side worked out great…but transposing it to the right side (mirroring) got a bit confusing. I’ve been working with half patterns for so long I’m pretty good at working with a half pattern and making the ‘other’ side.

This is what we were going for and I found this at https://cckittenknits.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/slanted-pocket-on-the-passap/ using the Passap…which neither of us use.

Anyway….we’ll keep you posted!


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