Show Time…..soooon!

Well, just over a week until the first Spring craft show… the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. I’m booth J14 which is a new area for me so that’s exciting.

The OOAK is followed by the Originals in Ottawa… booth 205.

The photos are of parts of my studio were I have yarn cones on the floor from which I have been knitting a new colour block design. I love knitting this way, with free reign to put the colours where I want and just knit away not having to worry about whether it will fit a certain person…. I just have to find the person to fit it, which is easier, especially if it turns out to be a good design.

The other pic is of my ‘sewing table’… well machines away just now, where I’ve bundled yarn together with their order forms and info to be made up for my clients. One or two might have a colour missing or will need their buttons making after completion. Others either have the buttons made or one use corset tape anyway. This may not look like much but seeing as I make three garments a week it pretty much represents half a months work, give or take. Orders take long as they require much prep and sizing, stock is quicker and more fun and creative.

Notice the bottle of vitamin C…. trying to shake a really bad cold that found me spending a day in bed…. not something I do lightly but just couldn’t lift my head. And, hey, those WONDERFUL Ziplock bags where I do my filing, one has all the OOAK show stuff in it and the other holds the Originals stuff, and being clear I can see the ‘to do’ list I put on top. In line at our local post offece I commented on another woman using one, ‘It’s my brief case’ she chuckled.

I’m not awaiting some tech help from my web host guy, the beloved Jaeson who has listened to me fluster on the phone when my email is stuck or some such thing. Now that I’m doing it myself I need guidance. We’ll get it uploaded in the next few days, I know. Now I’m going to leave my web master Marc to get on with his own business.

Well, I may be slow and behind but I’m organized!!!!! Now BACK TO WORK!!

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