Pattern Writing Newbie.

Aaaaaarrrgh! I’m writing my first pattern for the knitting machine to be published in the Summer issue of Knitwords and with the guidance of publisher Mary Anne Oger and a pile of back issues. It’s a struggle!!! I was never really good at Math and aside from totting up when waitressing and working with my own knitting patterns and Garment Designer I haven’t used it to any great length.

I keep telling myself that I never really considered using a knitting machine 25 years ago and now I can’t imagine doing anything else. I once couldn’t ride a bicycle, ice skate, use a computer and now I can do lots of things so I keep plodding on.

Sooooo… I hope to be carrying patterns for some of my cardis on my web site… but, hey, that’s a whole nuther story as I’m building a new site too….. aaaaarrrgh!!!!

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