Colourful People….Really!

Here we are in the depths of a Canadian Winter and I am fortunate to have been able to travel to the Caribbean for a warm getaway. Not something I have been able to do often I revel in the travel, new people, new lands and vistas, a new country with all the different customs and styles.

Of course, I take books with me to read on the beach or while travelling to and from my destination…one of my favourite modes is to download books from my local library using the Libby app on my iPad and iPhone. I finished one towards the end of my trip and loaded in another book…now here is the interesting and worldly part…

The story involves a particular architectural house in London UK into which some people are thinking of moving. It’s all light stone and has a long list of restrictions but as the prospective new tenants view and explore the house I can only visual as people of colour!!!!!! After two weeks of being surrounded by wonderful descendants of slaves trafficked from the West Coast of Africa 200 years ago and being a person of colour myself, I have been seeing more black people than white.

……and it was great!

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