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With an email from Marcy Tilton’s blog/website I got all fired up about Kantha quilts. I didn’t think the price was too unreasonable and I thought I’d like some to make a cool jacket. Anyone who knows me and my work knows I’m ‘coco’ for Cocopops…er…colour! Colours I liked were sold out and it was advised to get on the email list (which I must already have been) for notice when more came in. I love her patterns and have used them quite a bit for skirts pants and a great dress.

Bolts of Yardage

Well, I did get an email about silk Kantha scarves at $80US each. That comes to a lot in Canadian money and I didn’t want a scarf but yardage. I decided to Google Kantha quilts and got a great result. I ended up purchasing a job lot of 5 bed quilts from Canadian Amazon for $82…what a steal!

Eventually, they arrived…not a big package…vacuum packed and I actually opened it up in my car outside the FedEx depot where I had paid $34 duty…still a steal. WooWoo! I tossed them in the washing machine and hung them out to dry in the sun and now they sit folded in my studio awaiting clearance of my work table and the emergence of my sewing machine…and a pattern.

 I saved the photo of Heidi Klum in a Mieko Mintz jacket and rather like the style. I’ve poured over the pattern books at my local Fabricland but I have decided to make my own pattern using my Garment Designer software by Cochenille. I’m sure I’m up to the job.

I usually use Garment Designer for my knitting patterns for my knitting machine and have only made a sewing pattern for some nightdresses (which turned out great).

One of the pieces of yardage was overdyed so I may do that first…if I can decide which one to add lavender to. I’ll keep you posted on my sewing efforts with this!

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