Short and Sweet…Jacket Done!

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Well, not so short. I made up a jacket using my cache of Kantha Quilts. I love them and had a hard time deciding how a simple jacket should look.

 With five quilts, all double sided, I had a lot to choose from and I do have colours I like and some I really don’t. I tried to put the colours and patterns I like on the outside and the ones I’m not so fond of on the inside or maybe not using so much.

This is a view of the right front, sleeve, collar and pocket, as you can see I really favoured the pink.

When I had it all put together was when I decided to put pockets on…I love pockets…somewhere to put a hankie, mad money and your hands.

Here’s a view of the lift side with other colours and patterns. I really wanted to spread the colours around and create a balance that was also flattering to my colouring.

I made my pattern using Garment Designer from Cochenille which I’ve been using for years for my knitting patterns. Of course, I had to spend some time piecing together a bunch of 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper but it worked well. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted it either but just went with the shawl collared pattern made.

I wore it to the opening of the Kingston Fibre Artists (to which I belong) Art Threads 2019 show and got compliments on it so I was glad I had taken the time to get this done and stop staring at the pile in my studio!

I was also complimented on not putting buttons on it and letting it hang free in the front!

Here’s the back which  I divided into two down the back so I didn’t have one big colour/pattern thing happening at the back.

I’ve always been a stickler about breaking up the back of my garments as it can be such a big blank expanse of nothing whereas the front has maybe buttons, collars and there’s a face and jewellery.

I have lots left and will make something else…maybe another jacket in another style…or one for someone else (a lady tried on mine at the show opening)!

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  1. That jacket is fantastic. I am beginning to use my one quilt to craft. I love the pieces you chose for the back.

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