Knitted Airplane

Flying Knitting Needles!

Well, the salt from the sea is washed out of our bathing suits and our tummies are returning to normal after bit if holiday ickiness…and we had a great flight back home.

Doesn’t often happen (too bad) but our head purser on our WestJet return flight on Sunday flight was a chap called Patrick. First, we had the pilot step into the plane with a Duty Free bag and said to Patrick something like ‘swap you a flight plan for a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts! then, when he was installed and we were underway (early I should mention) Patrick started to introduce the safety procedure by welcoming back one of the other flight attendance who had just returned from Anger Management…’let us know how she is doing’. Then he mentioned the lights that would come on along the centre of the plane in an emergency to aid in egress…or for the fashion show…of polyester clothing that ‘doesn’t breathe’!

Food, drinks etc and everyone settled down to watch their little device screens and Patrick sat in his jump seat…and took out his knitting! Working on circular needles he was working with an ombre dyed yarn, black to red, making a cardigan for himself.

Suitcase and Knitting

I was then shown a lot of his photos of his knitted animals and a cardigan he knit for his daughter. There were shots of a knitted dino who they took on a road trip!!!! In a few minutes a lady waiting in the line for the washroom got in on the act and we were talking yarn shops!

Well, to finish our flight we had a smooth landing and Patrick took us through arrival procedure….then…as we taxied the runway he came on and in a put on deeeeep voice he announced that we were traveling at zero feet. It we looked out of the left windows we would see….dark, we would be taxiing to look for the airport…’it’s around here somewhere’.

A delightful flight home.

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