Knitted Wire

On Sunday I and two other crafty friends hit the highway to go take in the One of a Kind in Toronto. We all found ourselves at loose ends for five minutes and two of us have done the Christmas version on and off over the past couple of decades and were curious on how it was going.

Called up three other friends to meet us there and when we all got together my friend Sonja (part of my Cleveland Inspiration 2007 team), pulled these wonderful little knit ‘jackets’ out of her bag. I’m always amazed at what Sonja can find in her bag but this beat all!

The little short one is knit of copper wire with red beads, the longer one is knit out of brass wire with blue beads. Sonja said that the brass had a spring which copper doesn’t have, and it was frustrating trying to work with it. Copper just stays where you put it, I know, I’ve tried it…. but I never got this far!

Too bad my friend doesn’t have a web site she’s soooo clever!

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  1. what a great day it was indeed…
    and those little wire ‘sweaters’ were just amazing… sonja, you are so clever!

    glad to know you are so happy about the fuzz… and more glad it is the real hair sort!

    love and hugs to you…

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