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Ups & Downs!!!

Whew, what a fun September! Where did Summer go?  I took up SUP (stand up paddleboarding) and discovered a wonderful new passion…one that I can share with my husband. I took my board to Dorthy’s Lodge a couple of weekends ago for the VayClayTion, a retreat with a pile of wonderful polymer clayers. This event…

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Felting Again

Helping the shoppers. It’s been a busy week that actually started on Saturday in Haliburton with a trunk show at the studio of my friend Susan Watson Ellis of Paradigm Designs. We had a nice stream of folk visiting and a book club of ladies from Ottawa! It was a great day spent with Susan….

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PEI Seminar Trip – Day 2

Well, I got lost in Bangor but I then ‘dyed’ and went to heaven!  This sign was outside a building for  children’s art and activities….it is so fun, the classes must be super!…there’s a violin on the other side! Anyway, I digress. While hunting for Stephen King’s house in Bangor I followed the directions of the…