‘Spring’ Into Action!

Well, it’s all happening!  With the Ottawa Originals Spring show just around the corner, a small package arrived a couple of days ago and when I opened it and cut the top off the vacuum sealed bag…poof!…more prefelt! So I set to dyeing right away. 
The great thing about the Spring and the warmer weather and no snow is that I can hang my dyed pieces outside on the line to drip and dry…. no dripping into our late cat’s litter box in the basement!

I started with some Red/Violet and tossed in some Saphire….hmmm.
My thought today is that I’ve had 30 years of straight lines with my machine knitting and so much structure, I love the freeform of felting garments!
Yesterday I used some of the Chartreuse dye I had bought and adde a bit of green and then drizzled some red….hmmm.
What will become of these pieces. I have two of the purple ones and will attempt something with sleeves…then more vests.
Still have knitting to do for the Originals Spring Show so I’ll have to balance my time.
I’m not doing the One of a Kind show this Spring. Life throws spanners into the works and I needed a break from the stresses of a big show (finances/stock/time/energy) to renew….however, my dear friend Sonja Fijn will be there…..check out her booth:

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