Not Knitting…Wheeee!!!


This photo illustrates what I was doing yesterday rather than knitting….. well I did get work done later but this was taken during a visit with an old friend who is a bike freak! We used to date way back in high school and he did me the honour of breaking up with me when he got his first bike (a cherry red Triumph if I remember).

No I didn’t drive, though I do have my motorcycle license (use to have a small one back in my 20’s) but this is the biggest bike I’ve been on and I hadn’t been on one in years. I used to drive another old boyfriend’s Honda 350 back in the day! My brother had a BMW R90S and took me for a ride but wouldn’t let me drive it. This was my first time on a Harley!

Being a beautiful day it was great for momentarily escaping from chemo and cancer.

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