Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2012

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Whew!!!! Well the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is done and dusted (I’ve shaken off the dust now) and it was a good one. It was good to be back in that exhibition after an absence of four years. I either missed the application deadline or was juried out….but submitting my felteds got me in this year.
Sonja watering her garden.
My friend and creative buddy Sonja Fijn put us up in her home and we always have a great stay…even if it means stepping over some yarn cones and wandering past one of her many knitting machines on the way to the bathroom!
I don’t think I’ve been at her place when her garden was in such full bloom, it was amazing! Veg and fruit in abundance, zucchini, red currants (which we put in salad and dessert), kale, lettuce, raspberries, flowers…the list goes on. Such an oasis in the city. (Sonja’s Blog from Knit 1).
 This is a shot I took on my iPhone of my drive along the Danforth/Bloor corridor to get to the West end of TO. My car is loaded with half our load, husband had the other half…we worked it out that it was cheaper than renting a van and filling it with gas for the weekend…then we found that a van wouldn’t have fit in the underground parking lot! I spent this stop and go time reminiscing about my years living in the city…I loved every minute….feel so at home in built up areas!
I made a stop at Peter Smith’s knitting machine ‘building’. I wanted to look at some Passap parts for a Kingston knitter friend….but it’s like a grotto so I came a way with a few small purchases.

He showed me his shipment of Passap E8000’s so if you are looking for an industrial machine for making superb knit fabric that you can then sew…he has them.

Passap E8000
Clint with the tent parts.
Here is my spot in Nathan Phillips Square (including gum floor covering!). I was just North of the pool and facing North which was a blessing as then the Sun was behind us most of the day.
Up…and ready to stock.

We’re all ready to go on Friday, the first day of the show. See our camp chair off to one side, I was so glad I was on the end, that allowed air to waft into my tent and a cool place to sit when not inside the booth. Clint and I took turns on Friday, hanging out in City Hall library just to cool down, it hit 36 celsius….felt like a million!!! Hot, on cement, no breeze and three people were taken away in ambulances. We drank lots of water and there was always a line up at the water fountain to fill up.

My new Ikea rack with knits. Felteds on forms.
I love the sun and Summer but this was too much…I had a headache that wouldn’t quit and I love watere, but a Chocolate/Caramel coffee from Cafe on the Square while reading the newspaper in the cool of the library really helped.
Knits & Felted vests.

I had a visit from my friend Karen Franzen who does beeeoootiful pottery and tiles! She brought me a strawberry and rhubarb tart complete with fork! Wow, it’s so great to have friends like that.

Karen Franzen & Me.
‘Silken Rouge’ back view.
This little number was my last jacket that I made before the show. It didn’t full down as small as I wanted (M) and came out a Large – XL. I used a dye that I love and need to get some more. I got Red/Violet from Wabi Sabi in Ottawa when I was first starting out so I must get some more, it comes out a great magenta colour. It was purchased by a well known TO celeb!!!
‘Silver Linings’ Felted vest.

 This vest has lots of silk hanging down, it’s the first of a series of the flat style (one piece, no waist shaping). Great for the fuller figure but also makes for a beautiful portrait collar. One of my clients was inspired and wants me to make her a purple one…..hmmm.

It’s all over…time to pack up and head home.

 Well, the show ended at 6:30 on Sunday while the Sun was still high in the sky so it was a warm take down…but we loaded up both cars and headed home. I had the addition of a mint plant and some mint, kale and berries from Sonja…my car smelt nice on the drive.

At least I got to go straight home….unlike my friend Sue Sheedy who sold one of her wonderful encaustic works (huge) with a promise to deliver it to Orillia before heading home to Kingston! I hope you got a swim in, Sue. Today we’re heading to the beach to complete my recovery!!!

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