Just a Little Vent……

Yet another pic of the style that looks really nice on lots of people but doesn’t sell.

However, I must make a point here, just to get it out!!!!!!! Why do some people think that because they are dealing with an individual and not a huge company that they can pay for their merchandise when they receive it!!!!!!

Do LL Bean, Sundance, Amazon.com and their ilk send you your choices and then sit back and wait for you to see if you like it and send them a cheque? Do they say send the cheque when you can if you don’t use a credit card? NO! Why then do some of the people I deal with at a show, taking an order, measuring, photographing, special ordering the yarn, making up a pattern to fit, spend the time making the garment and it’s the buttons, tell me that they will send me their cheque when they get the sweater!!!!

Unfortunately it does happen that I must send out a cardi to meet a deadline for a client and usually that client puts their cheque in the post immediately so I will be paid when they get their order (if not using a credit card). But their is the odd one who will keep me waiting as I keep my end of the bargain.

Now, I’ve never been ‘stiffed’ as they say, but I just think it is rude to tell me you’ll pay when you get it, especially if you are a new client. I will work out anything with an established client as there is history and trust. But if I am new to you and haven’t proved myself to you, then you are just as new to me and I let hundreds of dollars of work and materials go and trust I’ll get paid. That’s asking an awful lot of my trust when you know you’ve got me by my promised timeline.

I recently had a client express surprise that I would want paying up front, before I sent out the merchandise…… I was floored. I asked her if Holt Renfrew let her do that.

I work through lack of sleep, illness and far into the night to keep my clients happy and if telling them I’ve been in business nearly a quarter of a century isnt’ enough to let them know I’m not a ‘fly by night’ then I don’t know what is.

Well, to whoever is listening, thanks for letting me vent.

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  1. I just found your blog via MachKnits list and I did. As another small business (although different biz)owner we found it quite necessary to require payment before shipping. Even then we have to sit on a number of orders waiting for payments to come in. That takes inventory space but I don’t imagine we’d have been in business for the past 25 years had we not adopted this policy. Why would buyers expect anything different? They do want us to continue but…well, there it is, isn’t it?

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