Haliburton – My First ‘Gig’!!

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The front doors of Flemming College
“Within These Walls The Walls Disappear”

I’ve been back from my first whole week in Haliburton teaching Machine Knitting. Unfortunately I found that life goes on when you’re out in the country, driving through rain storms to the BBQ’s, hot tubbing and lake swimming. The work I left behind divided into the baskets according to the requirements of each order…. was still there in my studio awaiting the replacement of my absent knitting machines and firing them up again.

I had a blast yes but I worked for it and being so busy means you really want some quiet time to yourself at some point… still looking for that! Maybe next week, this weekend I’m setting up my wares at the Sheepdog Trials at Grass Creek Park just East of Kingston. I love the atmosphere, outdoors, lots of lovely well behaved and talented dogs, sheep, wool, food and folk from all over. My favourite part is the Sheep to Shawl contest which takes place on Saturday with teams of spinners and weavers competing in time and the finished product from the mad dash for the perfect fleece in the morning.

Me picking up a dropped stitch under the watchful eye of Marilyn Leonard of Romni Wools.

One of my treats in Haliburton was to meet up with Marilyn Leonard who used to teach the machine knitting and retired a few years ago. I was so pleased to be asked to try to fill her shoes. I had a great bunch of women but did spend the first few days fixing machines, padding sponge bars and getting them in working order. If a machine isn’t used regularly and the sponge is left in it flattens and disintegrates rendering your machine useless until replaced. I did find a neat blog however on rebuilding a sponge bar yourself. We used weather stripping in a pinch last week though.

Well, now I must run and see if I can make another wrap before I go to bed tonight!!

…..more to come on my wonderful students.

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  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I enjoyed looking at your website and happy to see that Andrea has sent pics of her lovely sweater.
    My sweater will have to wait until after the Haliburton Studio Tour. So much to do, so little time.


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