L'Artellier Du Village

The End of an Era...

Well, these things happen. Roxana at L’Artellier du Village in Pointe Claire QU is closing after many successful years.

I can’t remember how long it was ago when she messaged me (or called…I can’t remember) to ask me to put my work in her fun, funky and fab boutique. I was honoured and have been sending her work for the past number of years…and she’s been selling to her lovely clientele.

Some rethinking and reworking on my part is to be done now but I’m looking forward to visiting her one last time to retrieve some remaining pieces.

A Little History

Many moons ago during one of my years at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Nathan Phillips Square I had a lady purchase a cotton colour block cardi.

The woman said she was giving it to her sister Caroline Rea…the actress. I was tickled and hoped that the cardi would fit. Time goes on and I never thought anything of it until I was looking at some fun old TV show bits recently on YouTube and saw this in a clip!!! Caroline in her CMB cardi on Hollywood Squares!!! It fit and it looks great on her.


Caroline Rea Sweater

The Kingston Fibre Artists’ annual show and sale, Art Threads 2019, takes place at the Tett Centre’s Community Gallery in April. 

Art Threads showcases new works by the Kingston Fibre Artists, including art worked around the theme ‘Quote’.

What fun…I just found this photo of my in my booth/tent at the Doner Art Show taken a couple of years ago. Head to their site for a wonderful array of photographs of the artists and their work.

Carolyn at the Doner Art Show 2015