...assembled solely with the coloured knitted tapes.

...pockets all around...front and back.

'...Is Never Done'
a slightly unfinished look.

The Wedding Dresses

...and Custom


Full length Winter wedding gown.


This dress was knit for the New Year's Eve 2008 wedding of a dear young friend.

The ceremony took place out of doors in the snow by a cabin in the woods so the knit was very fitting. It was worked in an off white superwash wool from Italy, very soft but held it's shape.

I worked the hem and cuffs in a lace and added a lace band around the hips for further accent. The skirt was worked straight with godets in the side seams to give it a little more flare.

Though the low V neckline front and back did nothing for warmth it enhanced the bride's youthful beauty.

I was very happy to design and knit this garment.


Ballet lenght cotton gown with short sleeves

This ballet length dress was knit for the Spring 2009 wedding of Heather in the Carribbean. I worked it in Mercerized cotton and added some wonderful ribbons in the back hem and at the sides. The sleeves were short and lacey.

This was a second wedding for a mature but still blushing bride and I was so pleased to be 'the one' she chose after three other selections elsewhere!

She said 'Yes' to my dress...


Back hem detail.

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Carolyn M. Barnett
Felted & Handloomed Knit Artwear
Specialty Pieces...

My 'Specialty Pieces' are such because they involve more or unique hand work, beading, much lace knitting, extra accents or are one of a kind because I have and may only make the one shown.